Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hello Chickie Chicks Readers,
Today we'll talk about
when we move them.
We move them so we can clean the tub out. When Mommy gets them out she puts the box in the tub and lets them get in it. When Daddy does it he picks them up and checks for sticky butt*. We give them more food and clean out their water and give them more. They poop in their water and their food. We change the paper on the bottom of the tub. Then we put back in their food and water. Then we put the chickie chicks back again. Then we put back on the screen and the light. Then the chickie chicks are happy in their home again.

*Sticky butt is when the chicks are trying to poop but the poop gets stuck to their butt. Then people have to clean it up for them.



  1. You are doing a great job photographing the chicks and teaching your readers about how to take good care of chicks.

    Do you think it will be hard to return the chicks to the farm when they have grown up?

    Keep up the great work!

  2. It sounds like taking care of chicks is a LOT of work! How long does it take you each day?

  3. This is USA...
    Where did the other two chicks come from?

    How long will you have them? I wish you had them when I visited.

  4. Dere Josh,

    For my sister probably yes.
    Me maybe.
    My parents maybe.


  5. Dear Sandie,

    Each evening we clean the tub out.
    It takes about 10-13 minutes.


  6. Dear Usa,
    They all came from Great Country Farms. But we got two on one day and two another day because there were only two left on the first day that we went. So then we had to go when there were a lot again. We will have them about a month or two.


  7. I was wondering the same thing that USA was so thanks for explaining. It looks like a lot of fun as well as work.
    Did you know there used to be a rabbit at our house-- Mr Mopsy! He was a lot of work! Rabbits poop a lot!