Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Flynn Rider, Rapunzel's Husband

This is Flynn Rider, Rapunzel's husband, as I said in the title. You can tell Flynn and Rapunzel apart because of their beaks. Flynn's beak has a little red dot at the tip of his beak. Rapunzel does not.

Flynn is very respectful and likes to eat and drink. She doesn't jump on her food and, even though she's really thirsty, she doesn't drink that much water. Because the other three are greedy.

Flynn is chick four out of four. We hope you enjoyed our posts mainly about each chick.


Friday, April 29, 2011

The Real Chick

Today we will talk about The Real Chick. As you can see, she is white, unlike our other chicks. Does anybody know if most chicks are white? That is one question we haven't answered yet.
Daddy named her The Real Chick because he thought that ALL the chicks were going to look like that. I thought he was being sarcastic.

We appreciate you, chick or person, for looking at our blog.


Sunday, April 24, 2011


This is a picture of Brownie. Brownie is one of the first chicks we got. Brownie has a very fascinating neck because it is very high. Mommy and Daddy keep saying that she looks like an ostrich. I named her Brownie because of the color of her feathers.

We don't trust Brownie anymore because she keeps flying. Mommy made a screen for the chickie chicks because they kept flying. Brownie learned to fly at a young age.

We saw a picture of a 5-week-old chick and it was humongous. We thought, "Wow! If our chicks grow that fast we won't be able to keep them for very long. We'll have to do this next year and next year and next year."

I love chicks, especially Brownie!



This is a picture of Rapunzel. CAM named a chick Rapunzel because she is fascinated by Tangled. This is one of the first chicks we got. We can tell Rapunzel and another chick, named Flynn Rider, apart because Flynn Rider's beak has a little red dot at the very tip of her beak.

Rapunzel is kind of shy, unlike Brownie. I really like her because she's so cute and fluffy.

One day when we were gone with Grandma to get the other two chicks, Daddy had some close calls with Rapunzel. He had to catch her because she flew out.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hello Chickie Chicks Readers,
Today we'll talk about
when we move them.
We move them so we can clean the tub out. When Mommy gets them out she puts the box in the tub and lets them get in it. When Daddy does it he picks them up and checks for sticky butt*. We give them more food and clean out their water and give them more. They poop in their water and their food. We change the paper on the bottom of the tub. Then we put back in their food and water. Then we put the chickie chicks back again. Then we put back on the screen and the light. Then the chickie chicks are happy in their home again.

*Sticky butt is when the chicks are trying to poop but the poop gets stuck to their butt. Then people have to clean it up for them.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Flying Crazy Chicks!

When we were gone one day (my Daddy stayed home) the chicks went flying.

My Daddy had to chase them around to catch them.

When Mommy got home (we had stayed at Grandma's) Daddy told her about the chicks and she cracked up.

written by KMM