Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Flynn Rider, Rapunzel's Husband

This is Flynn Rider, Rapunzel's husband, as I said in the title. You can tell Flynn and Rapunzel apart because of their beaks. Flynn's beak has a little red dot at the tip of his beak. Rapunzel does not.

Flynn is very respectful and likes to eat and drink. She doesn't jump on her food and, even though she's really thirsty, she doesn't drink that much water. Because the other three are greedy.

Flynn is chick four out of four. We hope you enjoyed our posts mainly about each chick.



  1. I have loved reading your posts. I wish that I could visit while you have the chicks. I can't wait to hear about their trip to your school. I wonder if they will like the car?

  2. What a polite little chick! They all look so soft. I wish I could hold them!

  3. I have shared your blog with some other teachers I know and now one of them (a second grade teacher whose class hatches quail eggs) is interested in doing a blog next year. Thanks for sharing yours! Gram